Thursday, January 26, 2006

Paper Ho, Stamp Ho - what am I?

A couple of months ago, I got to talking to a fellow customer at Michael’s about Sizzix and we found that we had a lot in common, especially with scrapbook shopping. This lucky girl drives around the city for her job so she has the chance to see many stores and enjoys the shopping as much as the scrapping. So, now there are 3 of us – Rosemary, Sherry and myself. And from the looks of some scrap rooms I’ve seen on several message boards, I’m thinking there’s a larger sisterhood. But I digress. So Sherry tells me about a store called Papers by Catherine

but it’s not in a great part of town and her DH says don’t go. Well, I say “pppshaw” and went there at lunch today. It is FABULOUS and AMAZING and I bought 6 stamps, some mitsuhiki and a nice little stack of paper and still managed to be 12 cents below my MTS (maximum to spend). They have a great website (with excellent card examples) so I had picked out the stamps beforehand. Oh yes, and the $3 Hero Arts book I bought the other day - they give it away. They supply paper to Texas Art Supply so you know what I’m talking about… unusual stuff you don’t see anywhere else (except for Texas Art Supply, of course). I had a blast. They have a stamp club twice a month. Of course, I had to give a field report to Rosie and she’s going tomorrow (her RDO) and then we’re going to meet up and do a show and tell. I will definitely be creating tonight.

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