Thursday, January 12, 2006

My Random No Scrapbook Shopping Week

It's been a busy week. I spent most of the day Saturday with Rosemary traveling the scrapbook path to our favorite haunts, such as Maridawns and to check out some embossing at Memory Depot and the new Hobby Lobby on 529. Good stuff. So much good stuff the guilt rolled in and I decided to withdraw from scrapbook shopping for an entire seven days. Can she do it? I don't know, but so far so good. It almost came crashing down Wednesday when I got a Texas Art Supply gift card from my sweet friend, Theresa. I'm holding out. The certificate won't crumble and turn to ashes for at least another week so I'm holding the dogs at bay. Dogs at bay, is that really a saying?
Anyhoo, I have been on a blogging/internet/scrapbooking frenzy. I have searched and read so much about scrapbookers and their blogs - including my hero, Heidi Swapp til my eyes are crossed. It has been inspirational and distracting at times. Now I'm wondering about my choice of provider, hence the 7 day delay in making my second post. Jury is still out.
My new Xyron Design Runner came in this week, only to not work. Yes, you got that right - it doesn't work. It is not recognizing the printer cartidge and does this! Yes, I have taken the tape off, yes, I have put it in and taken it out like twenty times. I called Xyron and spoke to... well, I really should be kind but this kid was such a lame ass I just said never mind. I would let it sleep and maybe it would wake up in the morning and feel like working. It didn't. Xyron says they are sending me another one. We shall see - I think they are waiting for me to return it first. You know I can't do much of anything during the week - have to wait til Friday for my 1/2 day off. Then I can move and think and errand. Except after a really crummy, painful chair massage at work today, I decided I needed to have it done properly so I'm going to see Leslie at Nordstroms tomorrow. Nordstrom's spa is amazing - they know how to do it right. Before anything happens, they wash your feet in a bowl with this yummy warm water and oils. Now, how can that be bad?
Went to bunko tonight. I wasn't really sure if I meshed with these girls but after tonight, and alot of nice white wine, I'm thinking it's a yes. They were all nice and interesting. Going to read two books from Laine, The Mermaid Chair and the Million Pieces thing that was in the news this week. I love staying up til 2 am on a Sat reading. Haven't done it in a couple of years - since I got married probably.
Oh yeah, so Tuesday instead of shopping for scrapbook stuff, I bought 3 pairs of shoes. I am not that crazy about shoes so I buy in bulk and get it over with. Kinda like a Sam's shopper but at DSW.

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