Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Madam Treasurer

Just call me, Madam Treasurer from here on in… You know that trick where everyone takes a step back and they somehow forgot to tell you to do the same and BOOM! You’re elected. It was kinda like that. At the end of one of our Homeowner Association meetings, Wanda, our superhero realtor said, Hey, Peggy, why not be treasurer and I had the deer in headlights looks and articulately said, uh-huh. And then it was set to be. It was sooo funny because after the meeting, the treasurer’s husband couldn’t get to me fast enough to drop off the mailbox key and tell me, ya gotta go there every day to pick up mail – especially once dues notices are sent out (in February). So, I’m driving home last night thinking, what the hell did I get myself into ~ especially with the possibility of a new full time job on the horizon? I’ll just go with it because it was meant to be.
My stamping/embossing class on Friday fell into my Both category (my definition of life is Both – it is a rare thing to find an experience that is all positive or negative, it’s usually a little of Both). So, the embossing part was awesome and interesting and I’m hooked – the teacher was experienced and I learned a lot but she was also disorganized and actually was late to class (on the phone) and took calls while teaching. Can you believe! Okay, so there was only one student but still. I didn’t like that part at all or when she said she hadn’t done a hand out in 7 years because she never found the time to type it. Irritating plus I could definitely use the notes – we covered a lot of ground. Oh well… what can you do. I am on the fence about taking the class on Feb 24th – my two buds want to take it so I probably will but we’ll just have to be prepared for Teacher Disheveled. The rest of the day was a blast – a real treat of meeting my sister for lunch at our old Chinese haunt, The Rooster and then shopping at the new Hobby Lobby on 529 because stamps and stamp pads were 50% off. On Saturday I had to hit another HL because I fell in love with HeroArts stamps and wanted more. Monday afternoon drove down to Pearland, TX to Novel Approach and checked out their supply and dropped some bucks. Got the Card Trends Jan/Feb issue – have been wanting it for a while. Never have seen the premiere issue Nov/Dec, which is sold out so thought it was a duty to check it out.
Saturday and Sunday I finally did it! Took everything out of my crafts room (the dining room) and put it all back. Moved the cart so I wouldn’t be so cramped in and cleared the desk off. Created an in box so all mail goes in it (with lid on!) and I can deal with it when I choose to. It is usually thrown on the desk, then I waste time clearing off the desk and not CREATING. I want to create! My goal is to keep the desk empty so I can play! Sunday it rained and yet I was a happy girl. Ran out to The Container Store and picked up $100 worth of stuff. I swear I felt just like Mission Organization. I had a list of stuff I needed and I got it! No hemming and hawing about whether I could afford it. Dammit I’m worth it! Do you think I have money balance issues? Ha. I’m either denying myself or going hog wild. But that’s okay – it’s me. The room looks AMAZING – all that is left is wall hanging. I have a beautiful tin lady that needs hooks installed so the DH will do that this weekend and up she goes. Tried to post photos on Two Peas but it would only let me upload one photo. Will fool with that tonight. Along with several birthday cards I need to get started and done! Am also working on 4 memory cards that need to go out next Tuesday. Whew. I need to focus! One more thing... joined NSA and now get “call notifications” when various publications are requesting submissions. My goal is to get 2 published this year. I looked at Gretchen’s list and it is awesome and overwhelming but in reality in her first year, 2000 she had 2 items published and won 3 contests so that is a good goal. Big woo hoo thanks to Gretchen… I got my first comment! Yeah! Oh yes, and next post – I’ve got to tell you guys about The Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan. He is my hero and he rocks! You have to check out his show on National Geographic! Oh yeah, and my toes are french manicure and I dig it every time I step out of the shower!

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