Saturday, February 25, 2006


It's here! I'm going to an embossing class this morning at Memory Depot with my best bud, Rosemary. We're both very excited. I took one class here last month and it was very interesting. This class deals with brass stencils and using some kind of paste. The effect is gorgeous. Tonight I'm going to Maridawn's for a yahoo group crop, which will be great. I feel a little guilty with basically a whole day thing but what the hell. That is what I wanted to do in 2006 - more creating and so let it be done!. Here's some random thoughts.
I've gone nuts looking at this website - the stamping gallery is amazing. I want to learn how to do polished stone technique - the purple card looks awesome and so now I am scowering places looking at vintage stamps and stuff. Yesterday, I went to Texas Art Supply and Half Priced Books plus The Guild (popular resale shop) but that was just for fun. Anyway, I was looking at cards on Two Peas and one person had "copyright" written all over her stuff and I have to tell ya I just don't get it. It seems very grandiose and conceited to think every picture you take needs to be copyrighted. First of all, you aren't that great and second of all, why not share your stuff. I don't want it but I like the whole share mentality instead of the don't copy me attitude. I guess that's just me. I'm sure somebody else sees the other side differently - it would help to hear.
My brother is going to the Bacchus Ball this year - his first time. Yes, I am jealous. I've never been. Michael Keaton will be there and I think he can be quite handsome. I know it will be scaled down this year but I remember as a kid my parents getting dressed up and going. I know my Mom enjoyed it - I miss those old times (of being a kid). I don't want to sleep in the master bedroom and pay the bills! okay, sorry - I got carried away there.
Got a neat email from the Woodlands about an upcoming art festival in May. We have two graduations that month but I'd like to go, if I can't volunteer. Also peeked at the Resort they have there and that looks pretty stupendous. That would be an ideal weekend - shopping at the mall and town center and staying at the resort and getting some pampering. Oh yeah and Lone Star Scrapbooking too of course. That would be awesome.
Hi Valerie!
We're off to embossing school! Y'all make it a great day.

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Anonymous said...

Have fun in your class and enjoy cropping!!!!! Sounds like a great weekend plan!!


And I don't understand the copyright thing either. Just don't post them in public if you feel that strongly. :)