Monday, February 20, 2006

Have You Ever Shown Up for Work

and it's a holiday? Yep, that was me today. I didn't realize they were closed...nobody told me! Since I was dressed and coffeed, I stayed - what the hell. No use in ruining a good set of clothes to redryclean. Besides, I only work 1/2 day on Mondays.
We're coming out of the stress, I think but lots of things swirling around in my mind. Service seems to be the theme. Or rather bad service. I keep having these bad experiences with getting highlights. Seems they can't ever charge the same thing twice, even though they do the same thing each time. I've learned - when they slip the old lowlights, highlights thing, you say No, just lowlights please. Otherwise they charge another $25. Yes, I can be very cheap but kids, we're talking 100 bucks here. That's a full massage. That's not a cut or style, just color. I had a wonderful colorist, Missy. She was dependable and meticulous and we were together for something like 7, eight, maybe ten years. We grew up. And then she left me to seek her fortune in Las Vegas. Damn that Vegas. That's why I'm where I am today, because of freakin LV.

The second incident is quasi-internet hearsay of bad service. We have a yahoo group of my lss and one person wrote to complain about service. Another person wrote to complain. Then a couple more wrote to say it wasn't so bad. Then they shut the board down to comments, which I just find disappointing. They had an opportunity to just say a simple - I'm sorry you received bad service. That's all people want to hear is an I'm sorry. Believe me- it goes a long way. What is ironic is that someone mentioned to me last week how they didn't like the store because they were rude. So, I'm on the fence now about continuing with this group. There is a crop Sat - I'm going to go and enjoy and test the waters. I need to stay open. They have great projects on display but not embossing or stamping which I've gotten into recently.

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