Thursday, February 16, 2006

Stressin - I'm a stressin

It's been a stressful two weeks - just ask the massage therapist I saw today! Why do they want to tell you something you already know...
Long story short - we have a house to sell and its not quite ready for market. My husband has been working on it since Sept. Two weeks ago it stressed him out so much, I agreed to take it over. It's been hell until I finally just let go and opened up my checkbook and quit fighting little expenses. Trying to save a buck. Just let it go and write some checks and be done with it. So, roughly $2k later, we should be good to go by Monday. I can't wait. It will be such a relief - that house drains me mentally for so many reasons, I will be so glad it is gone.
I've been fairly ambivalent about my job and future - trying to make my way and possibly try something new. After being in the same industry for 30 years. I had visions of flipping a house since I enjoyed remodeling ours so much last year. After this last house experience, I realize I don't have a good team put together plus I'm not handy. I'm good at decorating and picking stuff out but there are enough "decorators" in existance - we don't need any more. So, I'm just kinda stuck - what can I do. I hate to admit, I've become lazy. I don't know if I burned out or just lost interest but I don't have the focus. What I need to do is just let go and trust that the right situation will present itself. That sounds so airy fairy. Hopefully, I'll get there soon. We'll see.

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