Friday, November 17, 2006

Who's 21?

It's Friday again! And the Princess Niece's TWENTY FIRST birthday! Yikes, I remember rocking the baby girl and both of us crying, I just couldn't figure out why SHE was! Wow - she has become a beautiful, sweet woman with a great curiosity and charming personality. I'll take another pic when she's gussied up for her weekend birthday celebrations. This is when she woke up this morning.
I've been snapping away. I don't know how to fully describe how this view makes me feel other than JOY and BLISS. I love looking out the breakfast room window with the beautiful trees and the sunshine and shadows, especially early on a fall morning when the shadows are long. I love the leaves and trees - our neighbor next door has a tree that is old (100 years) and big (huge really). I see it right outside my kitchen window and I forget some days what a great sight it is. I love this house and this neighborhood and I'm so glad we moved here. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.
I've also taken photos of my scrap room for Megan's CJ... finally! And I didn't even clean up the mess on the table. Oh well, what can you do? Life is about creating, not cleaning. BTW, I've been meaning to take a pic of those people that label their refrigerators just to show my family I am not as AR as some people! I can see the eye roll from here if I labeled it, but to tell you the truth I think its a great idea! Here's my last pic - my NEW stamp from 3 Designing Women. They're in Dallas - I got it from the internet and just love it. The stamp is just like the 7 Gypsies round stamp, I also got the chocolate ink. Yum, I know it will be beautiful!
Okay, I'm off for the 10,000 things I say I'm going to get done today... bank, grocery, Target, post office, pedicure and some birthday card making. Bye!

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