Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Update on Reorg

A month ago or so I reorganized my scraproom. I moved the table out and put Metro shelves in and I thought I was going to put the table across from my desk. It didn't work because when visitors sit in the club chair, they can't make eye contact with me. Not cool. So I pushed the table against the wall and moved the chair into the corner. Not ideal but its working. I LURVE the shelves - I can stow so much more and see it, plus its 6 inches shorter and really opens up the walk through space to my desk. I want to get rid of my chair that's tearing but I hate paying $75 to ship a chair from Target. That's idiotic when the chair costs $100. It's something like that... don't quote me.
I went to the dermatologist today for the first time in my life. Glad I did, just to get confirmation the little bo bo on my leg is nothing but the little bump on my nose is a little basal cell stuff. No big deal - I'll have it taken off after Thanksgiving. Monday I go to the ENT for my sinuses and it can't be too soon. I am so tired of these headaches and feeling lousy every day.
Oh, let me show you a draft of a Christmas card. I love paste that you use with brass stencils... I used white paste and chalked it. It's an outline type stencil, I don't think its meant for paste but it really pops with the green
My last bit was a couple of pics of my CJ... guess that will have to wait - trouble posting some photos. I'm going to play a little this afternoon... and cook a roast. Talk to ya later.
Update: BEWARE! Target has a ONE CLICK buying button on their website and guess who clicked it! Yep... I was looking at the shipping charges for the chair and thought, let's push this... and now it's going to arrive at my house by November 7th... Guess it's a good thing its white and will match. I just couldn't decide arms or no arms. I went with arms. Oh, and its only $27 shipping charges.
I didn't mention but we carved pumpkins on Sunday and it was a blast! We have some great artistic talent in our family...


Megan said...

I can't wait to see the christmas card!

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