Sunday, November 05, 2006

We have a Winner!

Take a closer look at that baby. Not me, silly - the payline, oh yeah and look at the denomination too. I just spent a half hour writing up the entire story only for it to get lost somewhere in blogsphere... Bummer. Here's the short version. Went to Canton and had a great time. Good shopping and great weather. Tried out the casinos in Shreveport and I have a fav now, El Dorado. Guess why? Click on the pic and get a good hard look. See - I'm practicing my non-smile. When I was working on my CJ I realized all photos of me have this big toothy grin so I made a mental note to smile smaller now. Well, I'm working on it. And no, there is no one next to me what I'm talking through gritted teeth. DeWayne went and sat down cause it takes a while for them to bring EIGHTEEN HUNDRED SMACKAROOS to you. Amazing, huh. Biggest jackpot I've EVER won. I know you want the details... Some chick wouldn't get up from a 25 cent Wild Cherry so I was forced to play a $1 Wild Cherry on the other side of the casino. Well, apparently it was a good move because I picked up $100. I then took the hundred and slipped into the High Dollar Lounge and found this bad boy. Was up to 85 coins and not sure what to do. DeWayne said, play and have some fun and the very next spin...BAM - my MacDaddy jackpot. Pretty amazing and cool and fun and I like it. Played a little more and took the pile o'cash back to the gorgeous hotel suite that magically appeared an hour later. It truly is a beautiful hotel with spacious rooms and bathrooms like I've never seen in a hotel. And yes, it is now my favorite casino. Thanks to Cathy at the B&B for recommending it.

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Anonymous said...

Way to go Peggy! I thought you were trying to act nonchalant in the photo with the small smile. Kinda Mona Lisa like. Have fun spending that dough!