Friday, November 10, 2006

Rockets Won

We went to the Rockets game tonight and sat on the third row behind the bench. It was pretty awesome and amazing. I love sports live - I'll go to almost any kind of game. This was fun - went with Nancy and Jill. We ate at Barnabys beforehand. Still sticking with the no sweets!
Back to Nutcracker Market, since I'm still riding the high and thinking about going back tomorrow evening perhaps. There was a new booth called Texas Photomontage. It was pretty amazing, checkout their website: I want to order a custom 3D montage for Houston (of course) with a bunch of the old landmarks/restaurants. They are really cool in person plus I think they would be very cool Christmas gifts, for someone special.
Speaking of Christmas gifts, I think I want a Cricut or a Wishblade. Not sure which but I've used the Cricut and it's pretty amazing. I don't like buying the stupid disks though - I don't know if Wishblade uses your computer fonts... something I'll need to investigate before I fill out my wishlist. I do know I want the latest version of Photoshop Elements - mine is old.
Had a great visit with my shrink today and I've been following it up with a trip to Nordstrom's spa to see Leslie. I like the combination! I'll repeat it in three weeks. Tomorrow I'm going to scrap for sure - I think I'll block off 4 hours and that's all I will do. No 'putering or getting up to wash a load or fix food for anyone. Just 4 hours of me creating. Sounds like a plan. Let's hope I'm successful.

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