Saturday, December 09, 2006

If you don't get everything you want...

This "Daily Thought" from Real Simple magazine has been ruminating in my mind for the past couple of days and after watching Oprah yesterday, it totally brings it into focus.

December 05, 2006
If you don't get everything you want, think of the things you don't get that you don't want.
— Oscar Wilde

Things I don't get, that I don't want:the flu, debt, car repairs, flat tire, stolen car, car wreck (and repairs), sick puppy dog, a funeral to go to, having to take shots (like my friend, Pat), an abusive husband, a stressful job.

So, like most people, I have little problems here and there - stuff that is stressing me out, but I definitely need to remember it is minutia compared to what could be looming. I'm going to try to let my current worries just slide away like water off a ducks back. Let's see if it works.

I had a great time at Michelle's house yesterday. Her Mom was my neighbor for 16 years and they went to a Creative Memories class I hosted once in 2003. That was all it took... now she's a CM rep and they scrap every Friday afternoon. She had leftover yummies from bunco and they sit and jaw all afternoon. She is such a great story teller and makes me laugh at all her expressions. Her new phrase is "jacked up". She gave me an amazing recipe for bread pudding that I will be making this weekend. It was lots of fun and laughs. They are real women and you pick up right where you left off, no matter how much time passes.

Anyway, when I watched the Oprah show last night and the woman was set on fire by her abusive husband, I almost shut it off because it was so depressing and gross. But I watched some of it and it dawned on me that whatever my problems are, they are miniscule compared to what that woman will face, with surgeries and just living. I need to be grateful for that, that is for sure. I was once in an abusive relationship and thank God I had enough strength to get out of it. Maybe that's why it made me cry. Anyway, I want to be focused on how good my life is and how lucky I am...

Made a pretty new Christmas card from Anna Griffin paper, will post later.

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Tasra Dawson said...

Certainly puts things in perspective. Thanks for sharing your thoughts... I've also been there, done that, had the bruises, so I'm thankful for a strong, healthy, loving husband.

I'm a scrapper too...found you through Google.