Sunday, December 03, 2006

Sunday is Scrapping

I finally figured out why my fingers are so cut up and rough - Diamond Glaze and others! I haven't been very good about keeping the glue off my hands - keeping them washed. It was a great Sunday today. I piled all the junk from the table onto my desk and then put it where it belongs. Organized a bunch of drawers and put up scrap paper (which was overflowing). Last night I ordered something like 225 photos to be printed! York Photo loves me - that's for sure! I took a break and made some pumpkin bread and then came back and made 4 projects. I did two for my secret sister - her initial and a clipboard and then embellished a small note pad - nothing fancy. I also did a paper mache wall hanging (small) with the Serenity prayer for my husband. I used some cool brown plaid paper. I am telling you - I am totally in my "Chocolate Period" (not to be confused with Picasso's Blue Period). Everything I am doing right now is in the shade of chocolate. I absolutely love Coach's choice of chocolate. This is my current choice - the bling around the top is a nice touch. Target has some great 600 count sheets in chocolate that they had at some ridiculous price for Black Friday. I really would like to do my bedroom in blue and chocolate but the trend is espresso and that pale shade of green (which is pretty but not what I want!).
I had to follow Martha's advice and add some glitter to my Christmas cards. She's absolutely right - just a little touch of bling and it makes a difference.
I did a southern tour and NW tour of scrapbook stores this weekend. Friday I ran down to Just for Fun to pick up 6 HKS bat masks - people on the BPS A Year to Remember yahoo board were looking for them and they are sold out at Advantis so I RAK'd 6 people - which was fun to do. First I ran to Junkie in Kemah - I tell ya, they have some great stuff down there and stock that nobody else has. It's really fun -I just wish it wasn't so far away. Also ran into Novel Approach and picked up a couple of items for my Christmas Secret Sister - she wants Colorbox chalk, which they carry. I didn't get home til after 6!
On Saturday we kept 2 little girls, ages 3 & 4 and man, I was so dang tired after that! That is alot of work. It really kind of helped me though, because I have been mourning the fact that I never had children lately. This was the flip side to that, which was nice to see another perspective. Taking care of kids is alot of work! They left at 3 so I managed to run out to Memory Depot. Unfor. they are closing their Houston store and all was 30% off. Like Novel Approach they have great stamping supplies, so I picked up some good stuff. Also stopped in at Hobby Lobby and got Christmas wrapping supplies at 50% off. Now the picture is clearer... why I had so much rearranging and putting away today! I am free all of tomorrow, so I hope to get more projects done. Wish me luck...

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