Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Looking Ahead

Woohoo - how 'bout them holidays! It's a relief now that the presents have all been bought and opened and the list making has lessened and we can all now focus on 2007 and its bright prospects. I am looking forward to 2007 - I know it holds alot of hope for me. We had a hectic Christmas Eve with a healthy dose of irony. Rachel's car broken down about 50 miles north of here that morning. DeWayne and I drove up there to pick her up (along with her brother and some random girl). What is so amazing is that we had anticipated it breaking down (120,000 miles on it) and bought another vehicle - to surprise her as a birthday present (she was born on Christmas Day). So, the keys to the car were in her stocking. It's a beautiful car - I'd like to keep it for myself. A shiny white 2002 Camry that only has 55,000 miles on it - a co-worker was selling it because she got a new Lexus company car. I felt so fortunate to happen upon it and then I still can't figure out what was the lesson from God when Rachel's car broke down on Christmas Eve. The time frame when it happened was interesting too. Hopefully, it will be revealed to me in good time. Anyway, we had stockings and then steak and then presents and everyone was happy, I think. I am so lucky because my husband loves Christmas and loves giving gifts. He gets a huge kick out of it and goes all out. We have several fun traditions and I am very fortunate.
Anyway, it was just weird about the timing of the distress call from Rachel. My husband was all grumpy because he hates to drive anywhere and yet, when we set off for it, he shifted gears and changed his attitude and we ended up laughing and having fun. It was a good thing and we needed it. I tell ya, this marriage thing really befuddles me.
I am going to clear away all this Christmas card stuff and get some new projects set up and ready to go. I need to make my journal for BPS A Year To Remember and also Stacy's Library of Memories. I got a nice call from my secret sister, Norma today saying my package was late because she had a death in her family. I was bummed before but I can so relate about that plus she was so sweet to call me on my cell, that's all I needed. I remember her at CE, she's really sweet and nice so I know I'll enjoy her package when it gets here. Besides, I've been holding off buying stuff, thinking - maybe I'll get it in my package, so my pocketbook has been spared!

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