Thursday, December 28, 2006

Work KNose

I know this is going to sound completely lame but I am worn out from working all week. I worked alot more hours last week and this and it's been tiring. I am happy that we have settled a big claim that I have worked on for the past 6 months - we won't go to trial 2 in two weeks and it's a good thing. I feel proud of my contribution. They still don't get it at work but what can you do? Get over it.
My secret sister called this week and she's sending my present on Tues or Wed. It will be really great to get it - I can't wait. I love surprises. I hope I get it before I leave town tomorrow.
I am having surgery for a deviated septum on Wednesday. It should be easy and go smoothly. I'm good at listening to the doc and taking pain meds (Hell0 - Darvocet!) and hopefully by Fri afternoon I'll be sitting pretty and working on some scrapbook stuff. I have the pre op doc appt tomorrow afternoon and then we are heading off to East Texas. A storm is coming through so it will be cold & rainy at Canton (it is first Monday) so after a visit with DeWayne's mom we're heading over to Shreveport for the casino. Here's hoping I have good luck like last month. I still look at that photo and shake my head and can't believe the triple triple 7 picture. Chills! I'm looking forward to some laughs and good times. Happy New Year!

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